Sunset Sunday

After a long break, I know, unforgiveable, isn’t it? No excuses, except I was away…

And plus, since it is sort of winter here, the sun has moved southwards, meaning that the sunsets are usually obscured behind a building :(

Sunset Sunday

I think it is still Sunday in some parts of the world…So here’s my Sunset for this week.

Nothing very spectacular.

Sunset Wednesday

Maybe I should make a tradition, and designate this as “Sunset Wednesday”. Or should I call Sunset Sunday or Sunset Saturday….. Which sounds more euphonious? Please write in and tell me. And if you haven’t already done so, please vote in my crochet-related poll, somewhere to your right ——–>

More sunsets, same view

Slightly doctored photograph

Different evening, different clouds

Some more clouds

The first picture is of a sunset from our balcony at the western side of our flat. The second one is from the balcony on the eastern/sea-facing side.

I love the colours!