England in July

July 16 11:59 pm, Hyderabad. Amma and I left for the airport early to catch our SriLankan flight to Colombo to take off at 03:15 am. Never did all those immigration (emigration?) and things before, but they were painless. Nor was the wait too bad either. Tried beginning a written journal, too. Looked for wifi at the airport, but although my mac found two networks, both were paid, not free. Alack, and alas. My feet were protesting at my new shoes, I think.

July 17 05:26 am, SriLankan transit lounge. Not sleepy. Snacks again on flight. My first ever foreign soil, except there wasn’t any soil at the airport to speak of.

I don’t know why it is, but there is always a crying baby and a snoring man whenever I travel. Also, my feet never reach the floor in any chair, and the problem with airplane and bus seats is that I cannot put my feet up comfortably either. Resting my feet on the backpack doesn’t help either.

Like a small child I played for a while with the TV/game console. Watched that Hindi film with Amitabh and Saif…name escapes me. Slept fitfully.

As usual the flight was hard on Amma. She can’t sit for such long periods of time. Somehow we didn’t sit down and calculate how long it was going to take us or else she might have been put off right away.

Flying over Germany I realised I know nothing of their culture. Things like how their villages are organised and so on, which I glibly assume I know about England from reading English books. You know, village post offices and vicarages and things. What is a typical German village like? (at least in books.) And do they enjoy cosy fireside murders?

Landed at Heathrow on schedule (14:55 local time) and sailed through customs and immigration. The chappie wanted to know if I was sure that was my mom, and why I wanted to visit England. Person who said he might pick us up said he had a meeting. The phone gave me back an extra 10p when I couldn’t figure out how to call his cellphone. But then of course it swallowed the entire¬†¬£1 when I finally got through.

Adventure began with a tube trip to Charing Cross, then to Woolwich Arsenal and a bus from there. Ruth forgot to warn me about the hill!!! Was put off by Indians and an African on the bus who seemed nicely settled in London, but couldn’t speak the language. Why?

It was such an exciting and strange feeling to meet someone I only knew through the internet!

Couldn’t stop talking till late, not realising the sun only set after 10:00 pm. Ruth and Tom ordered in some balti food which we were too tired to eat much of, then we threw them on to the street and turned in for the night.

Have you read the story of the camel in the desert who began by asking for shelter for its head and ended up occupying the entire tent? That were me and me mum, it were.

London at night time

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