Yes, you read that right! I've been reading so much about Random Acts of Kindness, which I can't be a part of, not living in the USA/Canada/wherever, but! I got DAOK'd. Sheila has been holding my hand while I break my head over my camera, even staying up a whole night once. Thanks so much for your Deliberate Act of Kindness! It meant a lot.
**drumroll please**

And so it goes…

Isn't it amazing? You can follow all the steps exactly as the troubleshooting manual tells you, and still not solve your problem. I'm talking about my issues with my camera not connecting to my computer. Now my memory card is full (which I never thought would happen) and my poor pictures have nowhere to go!
The sea was incredibly blue yesterday, but no proper pictures were possible, as I was in no mood to fiddle too much with the camera settings, disheartened as I was with the whole business.
I finished (finally) the Mom's Crystal doily for my doily_of_the_month, just in the nick of time for this month. I used a nice moss green thread (Anchor) in size 20 and a hook that simply says "5" on one side and "Jyoti" on the other. Imagine you are admiring the picture here { }.
Since I had quite a bit of the ball left, I thought I'd play catch-up and finish off the Shamrock doily (I know, aren't I early for next year!) from Crochet Paradise and things went swimmingly until I reached the ch5 rows. For some reason I kept messing it up and had to frog at least three times. I finally got past that and reached the winning post…when SLAM! I ran out of thread! 😦 The world is cruel, people. Cruel! I literally need only about another metre of thread to finish, and I really don't want to have to buy a whole new ball just for this! Anyway the unfinished shamrock now looks like this { }. I will let you know if I ever finish this.
Then I spent the whole of yesterday sneezing with an allergy attack, as a result of which now my whole back and neck are stiff (what's the connection? Don't ask!). No sneezing (yet) today, thankfully.
The batwing shawl is giving me so much trouble, you won't believe! Grr! At this rate I don't know if I will ever finish it. I have a good mind to rip it all up and turn to this pattern instead. Jewels posted a picture of the one she did at Crochetville forums. It looks so much easier, although she did say she had problems the first few rows…

A-frogging we will go!

Camera still not working…

I've tried everything, including changing the USB cable, uninstalling and reinstalling the software so many times, but I still can't upload pictures. I am still clicking away merrily, and have added to my FOs: the sweater and booties from the Fleisher pattern book from the sixties that I talked about earlier. It has now gone to the baby it was intended for, and will hopefully be useful in the Texan winter this year.
I am continuing work on the Serafina/Batwing shawl, although now it will go to my cousin visiting her parents here from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where last winter a war was fought for the ribbed beret I made for one of my nephews. She doesn't know it yet, so it will be a nice surprise 😀


My digital camera is not cooperating! I connect it as usual to the USB port and it isn't being recognised….I have so many pics to be loaded and this is really bugging me! The worst part is, it may be because of something I did. I was trying to remove some spyware I got with something I downloaded from the net.
Anyway, without visual aids, here is what I am upto crochet-wise:
1. One baby set (not the one from Crotiques whose picture I have below) from an old Fleischer pattern book, (my mother's) which has mostly knitting patterns otherwise. This is in a cream yarn.
2. One Batwing shawl. Grey yarn with some spangle running through it.

3. One Inspired Lace Scarf from Rebecca over at Crochetville Forums. Brown yarn with a maroon trace (sort of like shiny thread, but not quite).

As I write this I realise how illiterate I am when it comes to describing my hooks and needles. It does not help that much of the yarn I buy (or thread, for that matter) is not labelled comprehensively with composition, gauge etc. (complain….) So half the time I don't even know if it is cotton or wool I am working with. For all you experts out there, is there any way of making out whether a yarn is wool or acrylic or cotton without labels? Maybe I should post it on the forum.

I really must stop this!

Ok, people. I am going to take a grip on myself and start crocheting, instead of mooning over the computer all day every day! Seriously, I have to finish this shawl for my aunt who will be visiting from Houston next week, and maybe make a baby set for my cousin’s daughter (Maybe I’ll knit that one…hmm). Then there is the Member’s choice doily for May for the doily_of_the_month Yahoo group that I haven’t even sniffed yet, plus a host of other things begun and left to founder…Good thing I don’t have a WIPs list or I would forever be updating that!
I must say I’m finding the Batwing shawl a bit tough, the pattern is proving difficult to read, so I haven’t broken it down yet into the *repeat* morsel yet.
Meanwhile I’ve been surfing merrily into fanlistings, the making of, the hosting of and the tearing out of hair about…Not too much progress, as there are far too many balls in the air for me right now and I have a feeling something’s going to crash soon.
Will keep you posted.