Product or process?

Franklin has just written about this.

We have a Question of the Week thread at the South Asian Crafters forum on Ravelry, and someone asked for our favourite three projects, that make us proud. I couldn’t offhand think of any and had people jumping on me because I said so. I feel I am a Process knitter (or crocheter or weaver) because most of the time the things I make are irrelevant to my location/situation, but I make them anyway, because the process interests me. How about you?

Amazing Clare

I met someone on the Georgette Heyer mailing list who mentioned that she crochets. I couldn’t stop myself, and wrote to her, asking her how and what. She sent me this photo of a debutante dress she made for her daughter. I thought it was amazing, and had to share with you:


She made it with double knit cotton and most amazingly, made up the pattern herself. I thought it was lovely. Don’t you? Clare lives in Ireland.

Rara avis

I flew back to Cochin from Hyderabad last week, and while I was waiting in the security lounge at Hyderabad airport (for the last time probably, as a new one is scheduled to open next month), I saw a lady walk past, wearing a silk blouse and pale green trousers, with matching shoes. Through my mind ran the thought…I wonder how she keeps those clean, and if one ought to have shoes that match different clothing. I’m lazy myself, and generally buy brown or black ones (in handbags also) so that they match everything! I’m always in awe of anyone who can perfectly accessorise. And my lighter coloured clothes are sure to get stained very shortly after being worn.

I’d scarcely finished the thought when she sat down, and took out her knitting! Yes, I finally met a knitter in public (not in someone’s house). She kindly allowed me to bust in rudely and spoil her peace sit with her and chat until my flight was called. I’d packed away my hook and thread because I’m not very sure about passing them through security. Jennifer, if you’re reading this, thank you! It was so exciting!

Knitting in public!

As you can see, she’s knitting the continental way with the yarn being fed by the left hand. I watched her, and it’s the middle finger that does the feeding. The yarn is wrapped around her forefinger for tension. I told her I doubted my middle finger has enough control to do that work. My forefinger is of course used to controlling tension for crochet, but with a single wrap only.

So far when I’ve tried the picking method, I assumed that the end of the right needle should pick up the yarn from my left hand, but obviously, without a hook on the end, this is an iffy business at best. All I end up doing is poking a hole in my left forefinger, and getting back to throwing the yarn. Perhaps that’s why I’m a slow knitter. What I need is someone to sit with me and show me how. I don’t think I could learn from videos.

Jennifer also sent me a picture of a baby set she made for a friend, very cute! Almost convinces me I need to try colourwork.


Isn’t that cute? I wish I could have talked more with her. It is a rare bird, a public knitter in the circles I move in.

The things you learn

I was checking my blog stats today from the dashboard and I noticed a click-through from a new-to-me blog. I went there and found she has me on her blogroll 😳 Yay! Then I checked out her bio and her “50 things“. I especially like her yarn holder, as I’ve been using a Yarn Thimble on my latest project and have some issues with it (it makes my finger sweat, and leaves it stiff because I cannot bend it as I would if it weren’t there. I think Lucy wanted to know about it when first I received it a few months ago.)

Check out her Yarn Holder. And I thought listing stuff you’ve finished this year under 50 things was cool.

She’s made the same Hook Caddy I’d made, but in a much preeetier colour :mrgreen: And she’s got interesting things poking out of it. Are they ergonomic hook handles, I wonder? Maybe I should just ask her.

Sappy question

In a blatant attempt to get more comments, I have a sappy question to ask my faithful (mostly silent) readers.

Do you have someone who asks you how you are doing? Who notices your moods? Does it matter to you if you do or don’t? (This may seem like several sappy questions, but it’s all the same thing I’m talking about, really). Do you have someone to vent at? Or are you of the class that believes what happens inside you should stay inside, no matter if it kills you?

Answers awaited with bated breath.